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The Naga Trilogy
Book 1: Rescue

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An ancient monster threatens the lives of villagers in a remote Asian jungle…
A ruthless mafia kidnaps and trades innocent girls for their own sinister purposes…

Chaz, a missionary kid in Thailand, seeks out God’s voice when his own recklessness puts the lives of everyone he loves in grave danger.

Will he figure out God’s plan in time?
Or will he be too late?

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Book Includes:

  • What if there was an exciting novel that could instill in your children many of the spiritual concepts that you hold dear?
  • It has taken years to craft an exciting and funny novel that seamlessly unveils spiritual concepts, such as:
  • Practical ways to discern the Voice of God and His Will for your life.
  • How to cast out demons.
  • The plight of children in human trafficking. (Without focusing on the disgusting parts.) This can be a tool to make children aware of the danger.
  • An overview of Buddhism, Animism and Karmic world views.
  • An in-depth portrayal of the Thai culture.
  • Gives short-term mission teams an idea of what to expect on a typical outreach.
  • Typical day in the life of a missionary kid and missionary family.
  • What it is like when an orphan moves into an orphanage.
  • A young teen's first infatuation.
  • .... and much more. All without slowing down the action.

This book takes you through the journey of a boy, as he navigates through life. We see him rise to different situations; learn different lessons and we get to experience life from his eyes. The book is exhilarating and eye opening because once again, you go through another journey. A journey into Thailand and we get to have fun with the characters in the book as well as undergo through their daily struggles... I truly enjoyed the book. I especially enjoyed how the author developed the different characters of the book, and the reader feels a sense of interaction with them. The book has a great plot that builds up well with twists and turns that make the book almost addictive and fun to read.

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​Sean Sanborn painstakingly and intellectually creates the perfect balance of adventure, mystery, suspense, action-packed and edge-of-your-seat anticipation in this genre-defying story of an ancient monster that threatens the lives of villagers in an isolated Asian jungle, where some cruel gang kidnaps and trades innocent girls. Chaz, a missionary kid, rescues a little girl which puts the lives of him and his family in danger. This part sent spasms of bone-chilling terror through my body. The story is weird, unexpected and alluring ... with mix of mystery, demons and horror. The writer does an excellent job of pulling me in from the very beginning. The characters are very realistic and you feel you begin to know them. I had a wonderful ride to the very last page! Sean is such an amazing author. His writing style is so present, so engaging, you will love the unique warmth he brought to this Fiction & Mystery novel.

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​  This was a brilliant book and I really did enjoy it, this book is a delight from start to finish. The story is very terrific! Sean Sanborn really did a great job in making this book! I took my time reading it because it was so good I didn't want it to end! The title"Rescue" really blend with the content of the book. Once the action picked up, I couldn’t put the book down. I laughed and cried as I learned all about what it’s like to be a missionary kid in a foreign culture. Chaz leaps before he looks, and I think I’d like to know that adventurous boy. I also want to know more about Kayla’s story and the plight of human trafficking. I especially want to know more about the dragon but I guess I’ll have to wait for the sequels.

Da King
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​ Rescue is the first book in this new series by Sean Sanborn. Sean grew up in Thailand, so his knowledge of the land, people and language bring great authenticity to the text. The story works on several levels: as a coming of age story about a young man named Chaz, as a supernatural novel offering a refreshing alternative to the plethora of witch and vampire novels out there, and as a truthful account of the hazards of daily life for many children in Thailand. I enjoyed this first book very much. I found myself really caring about the characters and want to know how their stories continue. Looking forward to books two and three!

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​I can relate to Chaz, because I was also a missionary's kid, spent time in Chiengmai, have frequented some of the same haunts and can practically taste the various foods as they're mentioned. But that's not why I'm giving this book five stars. Chaz is 13 years old, lives with his parents and two sisters on the outskirts of Chiengmai at the foot of Doi Suthep, near the university. Many tourists and world travellers will know exactly where I'm talking about. It's the beginning of the summer holidays and they're expecting a team of young people on a mission trip from America. So far, does this sound like a typical boring missionary tale? That picture on the cover says otherwise. That's Chaz and his friend, Ashley holding the hands of Katya, the little girl in the middle, running down a street near the Night Bazaar. Chasing them is a European man who has bought the little girl's “services” for the night. On an impulse (maybe it was God's voice?) Chaz had grabbed the little girl and ran. Not pictured on the front cover is the local Chinese Mafia warlord and his men who don't take lightly to their young prostitutes being snatched away like that. Katya is a nine-year-old tribal girl. The book opens in the Karin village with her aunt and uncle warning her she must take the canoe and leave, and never come back. A little later, she finds out that the spirit doctor and the other villagers plan to sacrifice her to the Naga who lives in the river. That's the ornate snake-like dragon, whose head appears at the top of the front cover. What exactly is a Naga? Is it mythological, or is it real? Is it a demonic power? Apparently, the creature will play a part in the story, but we'll have to wait for the sequel. So, Katya fled to the next village, where a “nice man” offered to take her to the big city to get a job. Chaz and Ashley meet her on the first night of what would have been her new career. For daring such a thing, the police tell Chaz that he's foolish, rash, and could have got himself and his family killed. But at least this particular policeman is cooperative – not like some I've heard of. And Chaz's dad, Nick, is not your ordinary dad, even for a missionary. Does he scold Chaz for pulling such a stupid move? Does he ground him for a week, and drill some sense into him, like a responsible parent would have done? Well? What would David's dad have done had he known he was going out to fight Goliath? What about Jesus' parents when he stayed behind at the Temple? You get the idea. Nick's response was, “I don’t like how it all happened but I have to agree with Chaz. I think in this instance we did a good thing in helping the girl.” But the Mafia people aren't happy, and there are consequences. They meet again... A day or two before that, while sitting in an ice-cream shop, Nick had described to his three kids how to listen to the voice of God. Basically, it's to do with getting away from distractions and hearing “the still small inner voice of God.” Chaz begins to get the idea. The plot moves onward on the strength of the “still small voice”. Once it leads to the decision to make a trip to Katya's village (which will happen in the sequel). Another time, it saves Chaz's life. To say how would be a spoiler. There are other aspects to the story as well, for instance, the mission team that's visiting. On the team are various sorts, including Ashley, for whom Chaz develops a crush; and Brandon, the boy with the attitude, who's only on the trip because his parents promised to buy him a motorbike. Things get into a tangle. Not all the loose ends are tied together. This is only the first in a trilogy. The sequel will be the trip to Katya's village, all because Katya believes that if Jesus is all-powerful, he can defeat the Naga.  I'm looking forward to it...

Robby Charters
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  • Complex themes are dealt with subtly but they are still there. Including the use of the word, "Prostitution."
  • If you don't believe in Miracles and your child reads this, there is going to be some tension at home.
  • If you think prayer is talking to God, but that we should not be listening for a reply, then this book might make you angry.

5/5 Stars

The Naga Trilogy
Book 2: Journey

“Can your God stop a dragon? Will you go?” Recently rescued orphan Katya begged Chaz and his family to return to her isolated home village in Thailand.

In this coming-of-age story, missionary kid, Chaz, must stop a Spirit Doctor from sacrificing a little girl to a Naga dragon.

Chaz discovers a military plot that will displace thousands of villages along the Salween river.

He might be able to tell the world if he can only survive the Journey.

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Missionar Kid Chronicles- Journey

This Book Includes:

  • The Impending dangers of dams that are intended to be built along the Salaween river.
  • How to cast out demons.
  • Deeper understanding of Buddhism, Anamism, Thai culture and the Karin culture.


  • Complex themes are dealt with subtly but they are still there. Including mild torture.
  • If you don't believe in miracles and your child reads this, there is going to be some tension at home.
  • If you think prayer is talking to God, but that we should not be listening for a reply, then this book might make you angry.

The Naga Trilogy
Book 3: Dragon

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In This Book:

  • The exciting conclusion where Chaz and family must deal with Dragons.
  • If you thought the other books were exciting. The action doesn't slow down for the exciting conclusion.

Coming Soon:

  • It will probably take me a while to finish. It's mostly written, but barely edited.
  • Unless people buy my other books, which would motivate me immensely.


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The author is a Missionary Kid himself and has lived in Thailand for over 18 years primarily involved in Church Planting and Frontier Missions and has led over 50 outreach teams. He, his wife and two children now live in Florida.